june 11, 2016 - july 17, 2016



EIMAI Center for Emerging Young Leaders invites you on a journey of personal and civic inquiry, enlightenment and initiative-- challenging today’s beliefs about democracy, justice, privilege, power and the pursuit of happiness. 

During this unique five week Hellenic Global Leadership and Civic Engagement course students will peer through the eyes of the greatest orators, artisans, philosophers and leaders to examine how one’s personal and civic choices impact the stability of our world. Students will examine the cultural, geopolitical and economic challenges faced by Greece today and question the crisis of ethical leadership and collective responsibility. 

Through experiential, artistic, and community based learning, students will examine the parameters and barriers to personal and social change. Working with refugees, youth and the environment, students will serve the community and in the process ponder how past Hellenic Ideals and Virtues for personal excellence can shape our personal, professional and civic leadership potential for a socially just world. 

Students will also discover how the landscape and topography define the Greek character and culture, as they explore the sun drenched natural environment in five culturally diverse locations sailing, trekking, rafting and rock climbing. Students will work with local and international artists, writers, photographers to develop an appreciation for artistic expression.

Our goal is for students to complete this journey of self-discovery and find their own Polaris--through Aristotle’s Golden Mean (“nothing in excess”)—to align their purpose, potential and leadership path as enlightened and conscientious global citizen leaders forging through the complexities of the world. 

(The Greek Odyssey Summer Leadership Challenge is an experiential interdisciplinary university level course that examines leadership and social change from historical and contemporary leadership studies, ethics, culture, world history, politics, language & literature, sociology, psychology, technology, media & the arts.)