The culmination of a year long project promoting civic responsibility ends in a celebration of schools in the elementary school of Alpheiousa. Children from schools in Hleia and Athens came together to donate wheelchairs to children with mobility challenges, including AMEA/KEPEP Lehainon. This project is being awarded in New York by the Loukoumi Make-a-Difference Foundation.

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"international book publishers" conference - thessaloniki, 2015

EIMAI Co-Founder, Ellen Froustis, took PeacJam to the International Book Publishers Conference in Thessaloniki where more than 60 schools registered to join the PeaceJam movement! Ellen also presented to educators, "Leading the 21st Century Classrom" combining leadership ideals with psychology theories to create classroom environment conductive to learning. The presentation also focused on the importance of leading a democratic classroom environment where teachers model the values we want to see in society and inspire young minds for personal, social and civic responsibility. 

U.K. Peacejam conference - U.k.2015

The University of Winchester in the U.K. hosted this year's European PeaceJam Conference bringing together students from schools throughout the U.K. and Europe, including EIMAI students from Platon Schools in Athens & Pyrgos Schools in Hleia. Students spent the weekend in workshops that inspired civic engagement, personal development and global awareness with 1997 U.S. Nobel Laurence Jody Williams who worked with the U.N. to ban landmines. What an inspirational weekend of drama, music, poetry and service!

WorLd summit of nobel laureates of peace - Rome,2014 

On December 12-14,2014, EIMAI youth represented the student delegation from Greece to attend the XIV World Summit of Nobel Lauretes in Rome. EIMAI Co-Founder, Ellen Froustis, is the PeaceJam Coordinator from Greece, a civic literacy education program that brings together youth and Nobel Laureates of Peace to mentor and inspire civic responsibility and engagement. More info about the conference can be found here . 

LOUKOUMI project - athens,2014

EIMAI engaged more than 600 students in Greece to "Plant the Seeds of Good Deeds" with the Loukoumi Project for "Make a Difference Day". The Loukoumi Project, inspired by Greek American children's book author, Nick Katsoris, is based on a series of children's books teaching children that we can all do good in the world, no matter how big or small we are! These good deeds are honored on October 25th, "Make a Difference Day, where thousands of children around the world engage in community service projects to make a difference in the lives of others. The Loukoumi Make a Difference Foundation supports the St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital.
Here in Greece,the Loukoumi Project inspired schools to engage in various projects from purchasing wheelchairs for children with mobility challenges, to spreading the idea of doing good in the world to starting an EIMAI campaign for purchasing computers for rural schools in Greece.