EIMAI Youth Leadership Development Program

Twelve experiential, personal development and leadership workshops based on a holistic and ecological framework for youth development that aims to cultivate the character traits, creativity, relationship skills and civic literacy necessary to navigate their life with integrity, purpose, civic responsibility and global citizenship.


Peacejam ambassador's program: civic engagement & global awareness 

The PeaceJam Ambassador’s Program is a civic literacy curriculum for schools that has been nominated for a Nobel prize 8 times. It is designed to promote global awareness and inspire civic engagement and citizenship through the lives and accomplishments of the Nobel peace laureates. Through intellectual, empathetic, nonviolent, problem solving youth address the most pressing issues of our times as they explore their own talent skills and passion to work for positive change. 

Youth will use the framework of PeaceJam’s Global Call to Action to implement creative service projects and step into powerful leadership roles that will make a lasting and sustainable impact. At the end of the school year, PeaceJam youth from around the world will come together to work with a Noble Laureate of Peace in Greece and join the “Billion Acts of Peace Campaign” and promote their service project.


eimai: responsible citizen social media forum

This social media forum for youth aims to provide a platform for sharing community service and   digital story projects to raise awareness about key issues in the local and global communities.  Students are encouraged to share their social action projects with other youth to inspire an ethic of civic responsibility, collaboration and service among students of Greece and around the world.  The aim is to develop aware, empathetic, culturally inclusive and respectful members of society who use their critical thinking and intellectual problem solving skills to become change agents and citizen leaders with integrity and purpose. EIMAI aspires to develop the thought leaders of tomorrow!

THE greek odyssey leadership challenge

 This two and four week summer leadership and personal discovery journey in Greece is educating for universal and humanistic ideals, building character strengths and leadership potential, promoting an understanding of the social, economic, political, ethical dilemmas and barriers to social change. Students will discover modern-day Greece and problem-solve for sustainable solutions while serving socially or environmentally challenged communities. Students will discover the natural beauty of the environment in adventure, recreational activities and learn about art, culture and local traditions side by side the local community. Universities can request personalized programs.



A ten day life-changing, service-learning experience building schools and living among members of the community in Africa, South America or Thailand. This opportunity for global civic engagement will challenge mindsets, build an appreciation for international understanding, human rights and responsibility,impact literacy, gender equity and above all, transform one's view of themselves, the world and the power of human potential to change it.  


This five step process answers the questions: Who am I ? Who do I aspire to be? How can my passions, abilities and values lead to a profession that gives me meaning and life purpose? 

  1. Career tests examines youths' interests, personality dimensions, academic knowledge base, personal values and lifestyle assessment

  2. Active research of career prospects and post-secondary educational requirements through American and other European career directories

  3. Career shadowing placements and mentoring from diverse professional backgrounds

  4. University search and identification of admissions requirements

  5. Completion of the college placement process


The EIMAI center will supplement personal development workshops with counseling services for individual youth, groups and families. Psychological and Psychoeducational testing services will be made available to diagnose learning disabilities, in both Greek and English, and provide the necessary academic and social emotional support necessary to aligning the needs of the student with the family and school.  


Faculty and school reform workshops and initiatives to promote positive school climates and address issues that challenge student-teacher and peer relationships: bullying interventions, interracial conflict resolution, diversity training, classroom management.