Now in Greece-- the latest career test on the market "Prism Career Match"! Based on cognitive neuroscience, the Prism career test identifies a student's best fit career match by also measuring behavioral traits --a unique characteristic-- that is integrated to the student's career profile that includes their interests, abilties and work vaues, which are common to most career tests. This additional component allows for a more precise and detailed match to more than 1000 career fields. While other career tests may identify broader areas of a career domain that a student matches, such as business or medicine, the Prism Career Tool identifies a closer fit by measuring students' natural strengths in distinct areas within these broad fields such as financial anylist vs business manager or a general practitioner vs surgeon. The best part is that with the Prism career test results, students also have a lifetime access to a databank of 1000 career fields and the knowledge, skills, tasks, abilties and education they will need to enter a career field. Along with the career test results and job databank,students receive an individualized plan on how to best prepare to enter competitive undergraduate and graduate university degree programs for their field and job shadowing or internship opportunties to experience their field of interest. The test is available in English and many other languages to accomodate students in their native language. The Prism Career Match test has now been translated in Greek for EIMAI.


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Competing with the best students from around the world for a place at a top university in the USA, UK or Europe requires an intentional college admissions plan and well- structured university portfolio. Our team of international college counselors and educators begin the university application process from as early as 14-15 years old to identify each student’s unique potential, and develop a timeline of innovative projects, volunteer work, summer programs. job shadowing opportunities, IELTS/TOEFL preps, SAT/ACT preps and other admissions tests. We coach each student on how to write dynamic personal statements that highlights their personal strengths and aligns their portfolio of experiences that makes them stand out from the crowd. We identify the latest, progressive degree programs, with scholarships and financial aide, European programs that are tuition- free and the best fit university environments. Last, we follow through with the selection for accommodations and all paperwork required by the universities, including visas for international students. Your next stage of education is NOT just a college application— it is the launchpad to your life! Plan it wisely-step into it strong.



Youth around the globe are making positive change in their world. Whether they are advocating for social justice issues or developing innovative technology and entrepreneurship projects, youth are trailblazing solutions to global challenges. They are also raising key questions about how the world around them is managed and shifting the mindsets of industries to improve their communities. Youth Shift is a teen platform that allows youth to put a voice to their vision and share their inspiration for their academic fields, unique view of social issues, and projects that impact their community, as change agents and citizen leaders with integrity and purpose. EIMAI aspires to develop the thought leaders of tomorrow!



The PeaceJam Ambassador’s Program is a civic literacy curriculum for schools that has been nominated for a Nobel prize 8 times. It is designed to promote global awareness and inspire civic engagement and citizenship through the lives, inspiration and accomplishments of the Nobel Peace Laureates. Through an intellectual, empathetic, nonviolent, problem solving approach, youth address the most pressing issues of their generation as they explore their own talents, skills and passion to work for positive change in their life and world.


This two and four week summer leadership and personal discovery journey in Greece is educating for universal and humanistic ideals, building character strengths and leadership potential, promoting an understanding of the social, economic, political, ethical dilemmas and barriers to social change. Students will discover modern-day Greece and problem-solve for sustainable solutions while serving socially or environmentally challenged communities. Students will discover the natural beauty of the environment in adventure, recreational activities and learn about art, culture and local traditions side by side the local community. Universities can request personalized programs.



Twelve experiential, personal development and leadership workshops based on a holistic and ecological framework for youth development that aims to cultivate the character traits, creativity, relationship skills and civic literacy necessary to navigate life with integrity, purpose, civic responsibility and global citizenship.


Faculty and school reform workshops and initiatives to promote positive school climates and address issues that challenge student-teacher and peer relationships: bullying interventions, interracial conflict resolution, diversity training, classroom management.